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Tony Hawk: Live 2 Skate – Fresh

Look out! I missed the July 1st release date of my fourth Tony Hawk book: Fresh. For all these books I had to learn a lot about skating, catch up on the lingo, and get some tips from some cool skaters in Montana. Thanks again, Ian, Ezra, and Lucas!
Synopsis: Jack Turner and his friends scout the best obstacles in town to pull the sickest of tricks. They upload their videos to the Internet only to find that their clips are being overshadowed by videos of the masked Sk8R 88. They aspire to half as good as this guy. Things get interesting when Sk8R 88 begins filming at familiar locations. He (or she) lives in their town! But it gets personal when Sk8R 88 films at the same locations and pulls off better tricks. Jack and his friends vow to uncover the identity of the mysterious Sk8R 88 and find out why he or she is out to get them.


New Release!

Available for preorder is the first Tony Hawk chapter book I wrote for Stone Arch Books. It’s called Tony Hawk: Live 2 Skate – At Large.
As this book comes out, I just finished writing my fourth book in this series, and with each title I got to delve deeper into the skating world. I learned some tricks, studied the lingo, and came up with some crazy places to skate. Also, while researching the books, I met some cool skaters. Thanks to Ezra, Lucas, and Ian in Kalispel, Montana and thanks to former skater Hugo, in Austin, Texas.
Whether you’re a skater or not, I hope you enjoy reading this fun series!