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Speed Racer – Time Extended!

The brothers Warner have now released the first seven minutes of the brothers Wachowski’s new movie, Speed Racer. This clip expands the previously released three minute clip to the very beginning of the film.



Three Minutes of Speed Racer

Warner Brothers released three minutes of the film! This clip takes place near the beginning of the movie and includes a flashback of young Speed getting driving tips from his big brother, Rex.



Go, Speed Racer, Go!

I’m a little late posting, but I’d like to announce the release of Speed Racer: Born to Race. It’s a junior novelization of the upcoming Wachowski Brothers‘ movie.

I’m not sure which I enjoyed more: writing this book or getting a sneak peek at the screenplay. I grew up watching Speed Racer (my Boy Scout Pinewood derby car was the Mach 5) and I’m a big Matrix fan. Even before reading the script, I knew the brothers would put their own spin on things. However, after reading it, I was positive the die hard Speed Racer fans wouldn’t be disappointed.

There has been tons of promotion but just in case you missed something, below is one of my favorite trailers so far.

Click here to visit the official Speed Racer movie site.

And for a HUGE amount of footage from the movie, check out this music video for “Go Speed Racer Go” performed by Ali Dee and the Deekompressors.
Go Speed Racer Go Music Video