Jun 30

Almost twelve years ago I met my wife, Becky, on a blind date. Among other things (her beauty, intellect, and sense of humor), I was delighted to discover that she was a huge George Carlin fan. I too was a fan and had been quoting lines from his HBO specials with my friends for years. However, Beck could out-quote us all.

So when I decided to propose, like most guys, I tried to think of a special way to do it. I eventually came up with an idea and called in a favor. A good friend, Rodney Scott, knew George and his brother around the time The George Carlin Show was being produced. Thanks to Rod, I was able to send a request to George to help me propose to my wife.

A day or so later, after a nice evening out, I brought Beck back to my apartment. The place was decorated with flowers, clean, and had a special message waiting for her on my answering machine. I played her George’s message and after realizing that it wasn’t one of my friends doing a darn good impersonation, she said yes. My marriage proposal wasn’t from the basket of a hot air balloon or at the top of the Empire State Building but thanks to George, it certainly did the trick.

Below is George Carlin’s proxy proposal in its entirety. It was transferred from its original micro cassette so the sound quality is not the best. It should also be noted that, at the time, I was still transitioning from a career in special effects to one in writing (this will clarify one of George’s references).

Listen to it here: George Carlin Proposal

Beck and I have played the message for a few close friends but since George’s passing, we thought we’d share this Carlin rarity with any other interested fans out there. We were extremely grateful for his kindness and were fortunate to see him in concert four times (including his last tour). George Carlin not only made us all laugh but see many aspects of life from his unique point of view. I know Beck and I are only two among many that will miss him now that he’s gone.