Aug 3


Out next month is my brand new series: Nearly Fearless Monkey Pirates!
Four books in all and illustrated by Pauline Reeves, these early readers are chocked full of zany, seafaring monkey madness!
They include:
Hunt for the Octo-Shark
Attack of the Zombie Mermaids
Escape from Haunted Treasure Island
Battle of the Pirate Bands
So if you like monkeys or pirates or (better yet) both, I think you’ll enjoy…

Aug 8


I’ve had two more book releases this summer and both are from the beautiful, buildable world of LEGO!
For all the early-reading LEGO fans, there’s LEGO City: Fix That Truck! and LEGO City: Look Out Below! Read the stories that compliment some of the brand new toy sets!
I hope you enjoy them and I hope they inspire you to create your very own LEGO adventures!


Jan 9


Announcing the release of my third Penguins of Madagascar book: Elite Strike Force!
I seriously enjoy writing these books because they’re action-packed, loaded with laughs, and … I get to watch all the cartoons for research! How cool is that? This marks my third POM book and my first POM comic reader.
If you’re a fan of the penguins (and who isn’t), you should also check out my other POM books: Skipper’s Log and King Julien’s Guide to Ruling the Zoo. Both are written from the characters’ points of view and (if I did my job right) you can actually hear their voices in your head as you read!

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Jan 4


With the Apple approval process shutting down for the holidays, Issue #8 (Big Red Boot Camp) ended up being a couple days late on its release. But it’s out now so be sure to check it out if you have the Clown Commandos iPhone app. And if don’t have the app (and just so happened to get an iPad or iPod Touch for Christmas, be sure to download the free comic book app HERE.
We had a great time writing and voicing this issue so please give it a go if you get a chance. And keep up to date on all Clown Commandos activity by checking out the official Facebook page, Twitter account, and Clownblog.

Oct 11


We’re not talking about the bad bullies, the ones that pick on you. We’re talking about the good bullies—PIT BULLIES!

My very own pit bull mix, Jahzara, and I are happy to announce that we donated a bunch of signed books to Books for Bullies—a special event to benefit Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue. The books are signed by me as well as Jahzara—her first autographs!

If you live in New Jersey and are drawn to the lovable, yet often misrepresented Pit Bull, you should definitely attend!

Saturday, October 15th, 2011
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
The Promenade at Sagemore
Route 73, Marlton, NJ


Book signings by:
Larry Levin author of Oogy the Dog Only a Family Could Love
Jeff Coltenback author of One Hour with Patrick

Meet Oogy and many wonderful dogs for adoption. All proceeds to help homeless dogs!

Say hello to Oogy for us and be sure to visit: before you go.


Mar 9


We just released the third installment of the Clown Commandos iPhone comic series. To download issue #3, simply open your CC app and navigate to the page that lists all your installed comic issues. You’ll see Issue 03 ready for download!
What? You don’t have the Clown Commandos digital comic book app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? The innovative action/adventure series that’s the first to feature real sound FX? Then what are you waiting for?!!
Download the free app here and see what’s going down with the clowns!
And be sure to like Clown Commandos on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
Cover art by Diego Toro