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Preparing for TAKS Writing Tests!


I want to thank all the 4th graders at Otis Spears Elementary! I had a fun day with you and I hope you had as good a time as I did.

I also want to wish you luck on your TAKS Writing tests. Remember what I said; just relax and try to have fun. And when you’re trying to think of what to write, try to come up with a story that you would want to read. Or think of your story as a movie and try to come up with a story that you would watch on the big screen. That’s how I come up with story ideas and it’s a great way to get excited about what you’re writing!

Thanks again and good luck. I know you all are going to be great!


Two days on the trail with the Cowboys!


I just finished my second day at Dr. Jack Cockrill Middle School!

I enjoyed meeting each and every one of the 7th graders and I do hope that some of my writing tips are helpful for your TAKS tests.

Don’t forget about what I told you about the dreaded… dum-dum-dum… REVISIONS!
And, like I said, feel free to write me any time with any questions. Keep reading, Cockrill Middle School! And keep writing!

Thanks for the great visit!


Applauded by the All-Stars!


There is no better way to end my week in Oklahoma then by visiting Adams Elementary!

You all were a great group of kids, a very well-behaved audience, and asked some awesome all-star questions! Not only that, the Adams All-Stars were naturals at making the oh-so difficult giraffe sound. I just hope we didn’t make too much noise for the music classes next door. Oops!

Thanks for the great visit, Adams Elementary!


Movin’ with MORE Mustangs!


I had a wonderful time at Mustang Trails Elementary! You gave me a big Oklahoma welcome with a custom banner across the common area and my name right outside on the school sign!

I hope everyone remembers to put their bookmarks to good use–when they’re not inside the pages of a great book, don’t forget to use my web address to ask me any question you want! Thanks again, Mustang Trails!


Big time with the Buchanan Bears!



I had an Awesome time at Buchanan Elementary! I hope you all enjoyed my visit as much as I did.

I’m also happy that Macy’s and RIF could help get each and every one of you one of my books. I was happy to sign all 400 of them! Don’t worry, I put some ice on my hand back at the hotel.

Thanks again, Buchanan Elementary!


Flyin’ with the Falcons!

I had a great time with all the kids at Nicoma Park Elementary!

I really appreciate the NPE T-shirt and all of the special applause (I think the fireworks one was my favorite).

And even though you all made some great dragon sounds, I’m glad  I didn’t run into the Library Dragon while I was there!

I’m a little scared!

Thanks again for the great visit, Nicoma Park Elementary!