Apr 23


I met so many young authors and illustrators today at Pantego Christian Academy. They were all the winners of the district-wide young author/illustrator competition!

I gave a couple of presentations, signed some books, and watched as everyone received their awards for the wonderful books they had written. I was even able to read a few of their books between shows. They were quite good! I’m betting, in a few years, some of those same young authors and illustrators will be signing books of their very own!

Thanks for the great time, everyone, and keep writing!

Apr 18


I had a good time at DallasKidsRead! I met many great authors and illustrators and had fun performing for the kids. The above photo shows me with a few of the authors including local author, Catherine Weiskopf. She wrote some very cool math books proving that some authors can be good at writing and arithmetic (yeah, I’m not one of those authors).

WFAA shot some video of the beginning of the Northpark event where the host, Mayor Tom Leppert, read a Dr. Sues book to the kids. I’m not in the above piece but there is a young boy reading my WordGirl book–very cool!

Thanks to the sponsors and everyone who came out to see us. And a special thanks to all the wonderful volunteers from Rainbow Days and the Dallas Public Library for helping out. They were amazing at organizing and running this huge event!

Thanks again for having me; I had a great time!

Apr 13


I’m thrilled to be a part of this year’s DallasKidsRead!

The festival begins on Friday the 16th, where I’ll be one of 19 authors and illustrators presenting to preselected DISD students. But on Saturday the 17th, from 1:00 to 6:00, everyone is invited to come out and meet the authors and listen to our presentations!

The festival will be set up at NorthPark Center, on Level One between Nordstrom and Macy’s. For more information, visit: dallaskidsread.org.

See you there!