May 28


I just finished my last author visit of the school year! I went to Elliot Elementary in Irving, TX where their Author’s Day celebration was in full swing! Most of the kids and all of the teachers were dressed as their favorite book characters and they even had a fun parade showing off all the cool costumes!

After my shows, I tried to visit every classroom to see if anyone had any more questions. I didn’t get to every classroom so remember what I said–each and every one of you are more than welcome to email me any question you like. I’m happy to answer questions all summer long!

Thanks again for the wonderful visit, Elliot Elementary!

May 27


I had a great time today at Wyatt Elementary in Plano, Texas! I enjoyed speaking to each and every one of you Wallaroos and I’m so glad you enjoyed my show! Some of you had some great questions and, like I said, you’re all welcome to email me any more questions you can think of.

I want to thank all of you for having me but I especially want to thank the kids in the 5th grade who made me this very cool banner. What a welcoming sight! I brought it home and Rufus the bulldog had to give it a good sniffing. I think he liked it, too. Click on the picture to see the details!

Thanks for the great author visit, Wyatt Elementary!

May 25


I just spent the morning with some great kids at Shepard Elementary in Plano, Texas! Four shows all before lunch—a new record! You guys and gals had some great questions and made some of the best giraffe sounds I’ve heard in a long time!

While I was there, I forgot to mention that I was a Patriot, too. Just like you are the Shepard Elementary Patriots I went to Russell Elementary in Brownsville, Texas and we were the Russell Patriots!

Thanks again for a great author visit, Shepard Elementary!

May 21


After my first couple of shows at Thelma Jones Elementary, the students from Mrs. Coots’ and Mrs. Taylor’s classes all wrote me letters and drew cool pictures for me and of me–see below for Maria’s picture of me with the four powerful words!

I always try to answer my mail so HERE are the answers to ALL of your letters. And if you drew a picture of any of the Clown Commandos… keep an eye out for one or two of them in the Fan Art section of the Clown Commandos website!

Thanks for the great visit, Thelma Jones Elementary!

May 20


I had a wonderful author visit at Walker Elementary in McKinney, Texas! I felt very welcomed as I arrived to see this cool display on the library windows! I also enjoyed touring your school and checking out its special sustainable design.

I’d like to thank the kids who bought books (I enjoyed meeting you and signing your books) and ALL of the Walker Elementary students who came to my shows. Several of you asked some really good questions and a few of you even emailed me some when you got home (I’m talking about you, Nicholas, Emma, and Matthew).

Thanks again, Walker Elementary!

May 17


This week started out with a fun author visit at Keeley elementary! I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and really liked presenting in your library. As you may remember from my show, I like animals a lot. And you know I like books. So your mural with animals reading books was number one…in my book!

Thanks again, Keeley Elementary!

May 13


I just returned from an exciting school visit at Solomon P. Ortiz Elementary in my hometown of Brownsville, Texas! What a great group of kids! Everyone had wonderful questions and it was a pleasure to get to know all of the students and teachers. And… thanks to a couple of helpful students, I now know that Clown Commandos is Comandos Payaso in Spanish (my Español is quite rusty).

Thanks again, Ortiz Elementary! Don’t forget those four special words I mentioned and, like I said, don’t hesitate to email any question you like!

May 6


One of my closest school visits yet was at Waterford Oaks Elementary in Cedar Hill. Who knew we were neighbors?!!

You were a great group of kids and, from some of the questions you asked, I bet many of you are going to grow up to work in the movie business, too! If you do, I think you’ll really enjoy it. Like I said, when you work in the film business you get to do (and learn) something new every day!

Thanks again, Waterford Oaks Elementary!

May 3


I just returned from TWO schools today! First, I visited Blanton Elementary. All the kids were great and had excellent questions. I even had a couple email questions waiting for me when I got home.

After a nice lunch with two of CFBISD‘s top-notch librarians, I shot over to another Carrollton school–Rosemeade Elementary. Those kids had some great questions, too! I had a fun time and even learned that the folks in the school office were able to hear the kids’ scary dragon roars!

I want to thank all the kids from BOTH schools for being so engaging, welcoming, and generally fun to be around–my kind of people!

Thanks, Blanton and Rosemeade!