Dec 17


For my last author visit before the holidays, I zipped by The Montessori Academy of Arlington! I met a bunch of great kids, some very nice teachers, and got to see their cool outdoor classroom!

After a couple of shows and a nice lunch, I was invited to Mrs. Proctor’s E5 class for ice cream sundaes!  After that treat, I got another treat when each student read his or her special book they wrote. Mrs. Proctor has some very talented writers in her class.

I want to thank Mrs. Hryekewicz for inviting me and I’d like to give a super big thanks to all the students at The Montessori School of Arlington. I had a great day and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break!

Dec 16


I just returned from Durham Elementary where (for the very first time) one of my shows was interrupted by a fire drill. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Luckily, it occurred during a good stopping point and… safety first, right?

After that brief intermission, I finished my show and even gave a writing workshop for the 3rd and 4th grades. I was also lucky enough to read some of their stories–what a nice surprise. It seems as if Durham Elementary is loaded with many talented writers!

Thanks to Mrs. Huddleston for inviting me and thanks to Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Cobb for the use of their classrooms. And a special thanks goes to the great kids at Durham Elementary!  Keep those great stories coming!


Dec 15


I really DID have a super time at Slaughter Elementary! As I began setting up for my first show, I heard the theme from Superman being played through the schools PA system. How cool is that?!!

I had a great time all around. I got to perform on the main stage, with the big screen, and all the kids were super, too! Everyone had great questions and made some of the best giraffe sounds I’ve heard in a long time.

Thanks to Mrs. Echegaray for inviting me. And thanks for the super time (or as Barney says, Super-dee-duper time), Slaughter Elementary!


Dec 13


I just spent a fun day with the great kids of Basswood Elementary! Everyone was full of energy and really made the library come alive. They even spent a lot of time coming up with all kinds of cool questions before I arrived. They read several of my books and voted for their favorites. What a great audience!

I’d like to thank all of you at Basswood Elementary and I’d like to give a big thanks to Mrs. Ostrander for inviting me and for all her help. I hope the kids who won copies of my books, enjoy them. Happy reading and thanks again, Basswood Hawks!

Dec 10


I ended my 1st week in the Houston area at Summerwood Elementary! All of you kids were very polite and made my last visit down there very rewarding. And I was lucky enough to perform in your gym and in your library!

I appreciate all of your cheers, questions, and amazing animal sounds for the song! I’m so glad you enjoyed all the clips from Clown Commandos and don’t forget to check out the complete first episode on Youtube.

A special thanks to Mrs. Hall for inviting me and for all the help. And thank you all, students of Summerwood Elementary!

Dec 9


I had an exciting visit at Burchett Elementary today. I’m glad you all enjoyed my show everyone and had great questions. I even had a couple of emails waiting for me when I got back to the hotel room!

I also saw several cool instruments back in Mrs. Phillips’ room. There were a bunch of cool drums–including a djembe like mine!

Thanks to Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Feldman for inviting me. And a special thanks to Mrs. Carroll and Mrs. Pope for all the help.

Dec 8


I had an awesome time at Roberts Elementary today! Everyone had so many great questions, I didn’t have time to answer them all. So, like I told you before, you’re welcome to email me any questions. Just go here.

I hope you all enjoyed my show. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see the 2nd Grade Christmas show—although I heard it was very nice.

Thanks to Mrs. Lewellen for inviting me and for all the help. And thanks again for the great day, Roberts Elementary!

Dec 7


Thanks for the great school visit, Brannen Elementary! I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. You all had so many great questions, too. Especially many cool questions about my time working in Special FX!

But guess what? Look who got to come home with me–a little Brannen Bronco! Now he gets to hang out with one of my fez monkeys on the shelf with all the books I wrote. And speaking of books, I can’t wait to try some of the recipes from my very own copy of Bronco Bites!

Thanks to Mrs. Griffith for all her help and thanks again for the great day, Brannen Elementary!

Dec 6


I had a great time today at Hancock Elementary–my very first school visit in the Houston area. I enjoyed meeting all the Language Arts classes and answering all of your questions. I hope you enjoyed my writing workshops and hopefully my writing tips will help you on your TAKS tests.

I’d like to thank Mrs. Shaffer for inviting me and Mrs. Kithcart for all her help. And, thanks to Mrs. Kithcart, there will be plenty of my books to check out of the library–all signed, of course.

Thanks again, Hancock Elementary!