Jan 20

I just returned from visiting a cool school–Old Settlers Elementary in Flower Mound, TX! I gave a couple of presentations to all the students and then conducted a writing workshop for the 4th Grade.

I hope everyone had as good a time as I did! I especially hope that the 4th graders keep some of my writing tips in mind. Don’t forget those visualizations I gave you and use those tools to impress your teachers.

I know I couldn’t get to everybody’s questions so, as always, you’re more than welcome to email me any questions you like. It may take a while, but I always answer my email!

I’d like to thank Ms. Richter for inviting me and Mr. Draper and Ms. Little for all their help. I’d especially like to thank all the students of Old Settlers Elementary for a fun day!

Jan 13

I enjoyed a wonderful day at Renner Middle School in Plano, Texas! What a great group of kids. I even met an few aspiring writers! Good luck with your novel, Anna!

I hope you all enjoyed my presentation and don’t forget what I said about the dreaded… dum, dum, dum… REVISION PROCESS. I hope my tips help make it easier and I expect everyone to remember what I said about what makes a good story. No matter how many explosions, wizards, spaceships, or monsters, the most important part of a good story is how your main character is changed at the end.

Thanks to Mrs. Nowlin for inviting me and Mrs. Scott for all the help. And a big thanks to the PTA for the pizza and snacks! And thanks for having me as a guest, Renner Middle School!

Jan 6


My first Green Lantern Book is now available–Green Lantern: High-Tech Terror. I was a huge GL fan as a kid and got to rediscover the current series while researching this book. Sometimes I get to read comic books for a living! How cool is that?
This book is part of the DC Super Heroes series from Stone Arch Books and was written inside the current Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps comic series continuity–but created for a younger audience. So if there are any GL fans out there who want to introduce their young readers to the fearless Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern Corps, or even the Sinestro Corps, I recommend this book as well as any others in the series.
Okay, geek time is over.


Jan 1


Released today is the first of my Chuggington books, The Chugger Championship. For those unfamiliar with Chuggington, the show airs on Playhouse Disney, all the train characters are called “chuggers,” and they live and work in a town called Chuggington. This 8X8 picture book tells about the exciting tale of their big race around town and through the countryside!

With only a few sentences per page and bright colorful images pulled directly from the show, I’d recommend this for anyone just learning to read and/or fans of the show.

As they say in Chuggington, it’s train-tastic!