May 2


I just returned from my second day in a row and my second year in a row at Centennial Elementary in Plano, TX! Because I was there for two days, I was able to relax, meet several of the Centennial students, and eventually perform for the entire school! I even got to have lunch with a bunch of 3rd graders who really like to read and write! Thanks for a fun lunch, Ashley, Amanda E., Amanda C., Alysa, Grant, Madison, Mateo, and Rojan!
When I got home, I had a bunch of the Centennial Comets “like” my official Facebook page and I even had a couple of email questions. Thanks for writing, Jack & Ryan!

I’d like to thank Mrs. Landon for the use of her library and Mr. Kamder for the technical help (I hope I put all the wires back correctly when I was done). And I’d like to give a big thanks to Mrs. Caskey and the Centennial PTA for inviting me back and letting me spend some time with some of the coolest comets around!


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