Jul 20

Now available–Night of the Giants! The second book in my original series Night at the Museum: Nick’s Tales.

Exclusively for Amazon Kindle, this junior novel follows the adventure of Nick Daley in the most amazing museum in the world. If you’re a fan of the movies, I truly think you’ll enjoy these books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Promotional Copy: Continuing the adventures from the blockbuster film NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM this title follows Larry Daley’s teenage son Nick as he learns the ropes at the strangest museum in the world. This time, it’s trouble for Nick when two kids stow away in the museum and get their hands on the tablet of Akhmenrah. Now Nick must face the biggest challenge of his young life as he tries to defeat two giant bullies, take back the tablet, and save all of his friends.

Jul 19


Today I enjoyed performing two shows at the Ennis Public Library in Ennis, Texas! My first show was at 2:00 and my second was later that evening at 6:00. Both crowds were packed – one of my biggest library turnouts yet! I can’t take the credit, though. The Ennis Public Library has an amazing summer reading program chocked full of entertaining and educational guests, fun activities, and even field trips. Don’t believe me? Check out the pics HERE!

Thanks to everyone at the Ennis Public Library for being such gracious hosts. Thanks to Jessica for inviting me and to Christie and Ray for helping me set up. Most of all, thanks to all the kids who turned out for my show. Many of you had some excellent questions so I know that you’re feeding your brains with some wonderful library books. Keep it up!

Jul 11


I was fortunate enough to be a part of this year’s Dallas Kids Read! where I performed at the Dallas Public Library on Sunday and on Monday, for the summer school students at Marcus Elementary.

It was great seeing Toni Simmons again on Sunday (whom I met at the 2010 Dallas Kids Read) and I shared Marcus Elementary with author Alejandrina Drew. I caught part of their presentations could see why the kids were so energized by the time I took the stage.

Thanks to Jo Giudice, Ronnie Jessie, the Dallas Public Library and Big Thought for letting me be a part of this year’s events. Thanks to Target for donating all the books for the kids. Thanks to Nora Nagel, Jasmine Africawala, and Victor Kralisz for all the help during the event. And a super-big thanks to all the kids who saw our shows. I hope you keep cool this summer and keep reading!