Nov 30

On Friday, I arrived at Newport Elementary in Crosby, TX. It was a very busy day, indeed. Not only was it fish stick Friday but it was also picture day. They had high school football players visiting and a real life author visit–oh, wait … that’s me!

I gave two presentations to the entire enthusiastic student body. And then I was lucky enough to have a writing workshop with Mrs. Walker’s class. We had a fun time and every single student in her class had at least two great questions. Many kids had many more!

Thanks to Mrs. Henderson for inviting me and thanks to Mrs. Ragusan for taking pictures. Thanks to Mrs. Walker and all of her students, too. But the biggest thanks goes to ALL the great kids of Newport Elementary!

Nov 28


I’m back in the Houston area today to visit a school just a little south of there in Baytown–Alamo Elementary. Even though it was a cold morning, everyone warmed up quickly and I gave three fun shows in their big gym. I was a little surprised by how many students raised their hands when I asked how many of them like writing their own stories. It turns out that Alamo Elementary is chocked full of young writers! Way to go!
Thanks to Mrs. Weiss for inviting me and the Alamo PTO for having me out. And speaking of the PTO, thanks to PTO member, Mrs. Jannise and her daughter for taking pictures during the show. Thanks to Coach Camp for helping me set up and to Mrs. Weiss and Mrs. Onken for the cool gift basket. And the biggest thanks of all goes to all the great kids at Alamo Elementary. Keep coming up with those cool stories!

Nov 14


Today I had a rocking good time at McDonald Elementary in Ferris, TX! I performed three fun shows to help celebrate McDonald’s special book week. I could tell by many of the students’ questions that they love books and the many great stories within their pages … just like me!

Thanks to Mr. Ruiz for an amazing job helping me set up everything for the show. Thanks to Mrs. Zimmerman for inviting me and thanks both to Mrs. Zimmerman and Mrs. Rose for taking to very cool place for lunch. And thanks to all the students at McDonald elementary for a fun-filled day!

I almost forgot to mention that I was lucky to meet Lawson, McDonald’s own therapy dog. Lawson was very laid back and is nothing like my big goofy dog, Jahzara. But guess what, Jahzara and Lawson have something in common. That’s right, we found Jahzara in the Ferris Animal Shelter, so she’s a Ferris dog, too!

Nov 13


I finished my short trip in Tyler, Texas at Rice Elementary – home of the Rice Rangers! All the students and teachers were wonderful hosts and, if I could, I’d give out Rice Ranger Stars to everyone! I was especially surprised to learn that one of my high school classmates was a teacher there. It was great to see you again, Mrs. Smith!

Thanks to Mrs. Tunnell for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Thrasher for helping me set up. And thanks to Mrs. Moon for the warm reception and cool display of books. And a special thanks to all the Rice Rangers for being such great readers and listeners. Be sure to check out some of my books in the school library(thanks to Mrs. Tunnell).


Nov 12


I had a great time today kicking off National Young Readers Week at Douglas Elementary in Tyler, Texas. The Douglas Wildcats were great audiences for all three shows. They were especially excited to learn that Mr. Faust had ordered several of my books for the library. Unfortunately, they hadn’t yet arrived! Luckily, the books showed up just in time and I was able to sign them after my last show. I hope the Wildcats enjoy reading them!
Thanks to Mr. Faust for inviting me and thanks to Mr. Williams for helping me set up (and for the use of his cool amp). And a big thanks to all the Douglas Elementary Wildcats for being such a great audience and readers!


Nov 9


My last day in central Kansas found me at two schools. In the morning, I visited Tescott Grade School and performed in their gym. It was a great venue since it was an older school and reminded me of my own elementary school and high school. After my show, I signed a bunch of books for the library and got to meet all the best readers from each grade. After that, I held a writing workshop for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. I hope everyone enjoyed my writing tips and screenplay breakdown. Don’t forget what I said, the best tip for becoming a good writer is to read as much as you can!
Thanks to Mrs. Ehlers for inviting me and a big thanks to all the great kids at Tescott Grade School!


Nov 9


After a tasty Tescott lunch, I zipped over to Bennington Grade School (home of the Bulldogs) where I performed another presentation for K through 6th and another writing workshop for some young authors out of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. I even got to have my picture taken with them in their cool library theater!
Thanks to Mrs. Bartlett and Mr. Gantenbein for having me out. Thanks to Mr. Boss and Mr. Wagner for helping me set up. And a big thanks to all the Bennington Bulldogs for being such a great audience. Oh, and another thanks to Laynah for sharing one of her Monster Hight birthday cupcakes with me. Yum!


Nov 8


I just spent my first day in the middle of Kansas at Peabody-Burns Elementary! I had a great time meeting everyone from Kindergarten all the way to 5th grade. One of the students was proud to show me the library’s collection of Wishbone books. I didn’t write any of those particular titles but I told him to read them anyway. I’ve read a bunch of the Wishbone books so I know for a fact that they were all written by a bunch of talented authors. In fact, their editor, Kevin Ryan, is the same editor for my Night at the Museum: Nick’s Tales series. So I know they were all well-edited, too!
Thanks to Mr. Parry and Mrs. Carter for having me out. Thanks to Mr. Sadowski for helping me set up, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Parks for the tasty gift basket, Mrs. Hoffman for taking pictures, and Mrs. Holt and the PTO for inviting me. And a big thanks to all the great kids at Peabody-Burns Elementary. Check out those Wishbone books!