Jan 18

I finished this week at the Westwood-Bales School in Friendswood, Texas. Since both elementary and intermediate schools share a common campus and many resources, I was lucky enough to meet students from both schools! I gave three shows in the cafeteria, signed a few books in the library, and visited several classrooms where students got a second chance to ask me all kinds of questions about writing, reading, and Special FX!
Thanks to Mr. Lee and Mr. Fred for helping me set up and for their expert table-arranging. Thanks to Mrs. Beltz for taking pictures. Thanks to Mrs. Cain for inviting and for showing me around. Thanks to the PTA for such a tasty lunch and a big thanks to all the terrific 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Westwood-Bales! You were a fun way to end the week!

Jan 17

I just finished my second Literacy night at James Williams Elementary and this was the biggest crowd yet. Both nights, students donned their pajamas and brought their pillows and blankets (and parents) to snuggle up on the gym floor and watch my show. Afterward, I signed a ton of books and even got to see Principal Lee sporting his Spider-man PJs! I hope everyone remembered to check me off their Golden Ticket checklist. If students attend certain events and read certain books, they get to draw a candy bar that may have a golden ticket inside–just like in that wonderful book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Good luck, everyone!
Thanks Mrs. Datt and Mrs. Cary for all the help setting up. Thanks to Revea, Billy, and Ms. Lane for taking pictures. And a big thanks to Mrs. Spier for inviting me down to Katy, Texas! As you can see from the photo above, I had a great time with all the faculty, parents, and wonderful Williams Wranglers!

Jan 16

I enjoyed a fun day at WoodCreek Elementary in Katy, Texas! After pulling into my own personal parking spot, I rolled inside to meet some very energetic students–the WoodCreek Forest Rangers! I performed three shows and signed a ton of books in the library. I had a great view signing books as I sat across from the WoodCreek library’s very own log cabin. I hope all the WoodCreek Rangers enjoy reading my books. And when your’e done with those, keep reading other authors’ books, too!
Thanks to Mrs. Wallace and Mr. Pebbles for all the help setting up and thanks to Mrs. Lee for having me out and for a tasty lunch. I was happy to meet her husband, Mr. Lee, principal of Williams Elementary, where I’ll visit tomorrow night for their Literacy Night pajama party.

Jan 11


This snowy morning I drove the rental car down an icy highway to Blanco Elementary in Bloomfield, New Mexico. It’s a good thing I made it (couldn’t miss pizza day in the cafeteria). Between two fun shows in front of lively audiences, I had the chance to sign three of my Wishbone books, including the very first book I ever wrote, Digging to the Center of the Earth. I hope all the Blanco Elementary students enjoy reading them as well as all the other Wishbone adventures and mysteries they have in the library. I was even told by the librarian, Mrs. Pinto, that she’s going to show one of the TV episodes I co-wrote, War of the Noses. Available on Youtube HERE!
Thanks to Mr. Flores, Mrs. Travis, and Principal Marquez for helping me set up. Thanks to Mrs. Travis for inviting me and a big Texas thank you to all the cool kids at Blanco Elementary!


Jan 11


After a couple of slices of pizza, I zipped over to Bloomfield Early Childhood Center to round out the day. I had an exciting time presenting to the entire school at once! They were all kindergardeners and boy could they make some noise. And even though students that age would rather tell stories than answer questions, quite a few of them had some good questions. Others had stories, too, but that’s okay. I’m a writer so I like stories.
Thanks to Principal Latta for having me out and to Mrs. Griffith for help setting up. And thanks to all the wild and crazy kindergardeners of BECC! I hope you all enjoy this picture of some of the scenery on my drive back to the airport. Luckily, the roads were clear. But do you know how hard it is to take pictures while driving? Don’t try this at home kids (the driving or the drive-by photography, actually).


Jan 10


I flew into Albuquerque, New Mexico, took a beautiful drive up to Bloomfield, and visited my very first New Mexico school, Naaba Ani Elementary! I performed one big show for the entire school and let me tell you, they really know how to cheer. I saw several teachers holding their ears (sorry about that). I was especially pleased, however, when several of those teachers later told me that what I talked about fell in line with what they were teaching their students. They especially liked the students knowing that there are all kinds of writers out there and how fun it was to meet someone who does all kinds of writing.
I’d like to thank Mrs. Jensen for having me out and Mr. Olivas for working so hard to help me set up. But I’d especially like to thank all the great kids of Naaba Ani Elementary. You had so many good questions and remember what I said, if you think of more, you can email me HERE.