Dec 20

For my last author visit of the year I was invited back to The Montessori Academy of Arlington – my third visit! I was honored to be a guest at their young authors day and saw many familiar faces. After I gave presentations to both Upper and Lower classes, I gave a writing workshop to the Uppers and enjoyed answering the many writing questions from many young writers!
For lunch, I was invited to a pizza and ice cream sundae party with Mrs. Proctor’s E5 Class. I suggested a broccoli and sardine party but the kids weren’t having it for some reason. We had a fun time and I even got to read a couple of their books. Thanks for the great lunch: Aedin, Aleeya, Alexis, Alyssa, Anja, Brackson, Brooklyn, Celani, Connor, Eduardo, Ethan, Julian, Nathaniel, Nicole, Nyah, Mary, Maya, Tyra, Sophia, Trevor, Valeria, and Vivian. And I’m glad I could fix your pen, Aedin!
Thanks to Mr. Walt for helping me set up and a big thanks to Mrs. Proctor for inviting me back. And an extra-special, happy holidays thanks to all the brilliant students at The Montessori Academy of Arlington! Keep writing, young authors!