Jan 27

Oak Hammock K-8
As part of Literacy Week, today I visited three great schools in Port St Lucie, FL beginning with Oak Hammock K-8! I performed three quick shows in the morning for select students from grades 2nd through 8th. I had a wonderful time but was disappointed to hear that I was going to miss the big parade of characters the next day. That, along with the spelling bee, sounded like a great way to celebrate Literacy Week!
Bayshore Elementary
After lunch at Oak Hammock, I zipped over to Bayshore Elementary where I gave a single performance for all of 4th and 5th grade! After the show, I signed my first copy of my latest release, the novelization of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (thanks, Antonio) and even signed a movie poster for Alana. I also signed a bunch of books for the Bayshore Library. I hope everyone enjoys reading them during the school year!
West Gate K-8
And tonight, for my last appearance in Port St Lucie, I performed at West Gate K-8 at their Literacy Week evening event where guests enjoyed a meal from Olive Garden and a show—me! There were many great questions and even some future screenwriters from what I could tell by the interest in the screenplays I had brought along.
Thanks to Mrs. Bolitho and Mrs. Wisniewski for having me at Old Hammock and for a fun lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Beans for having me at Bayshore and for hunting down all my out of print books for the library. Thanks to Mrs. Petruff for having me at West Gate and for coordinating the entire event. And a big thanks to all the students I met today. Have fun and read lots during the rest of Literacy Week!