Dec 15


Today I had a great day in Three Rivers ISD! I hung with the older crowd for a change of pace, giving presentations to the 4th through 8th graders. Everyone was great and even posed with me after each show!



I also gave a writing workshop to a select group of high schoolers. Not only did they give me great questions, but also some cool gifts—including a Three Rivers Bulldogs hat for my collection!

Thanks to Mrs. Curbello for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Salizar for help setting up. Thanks to Brandie, Jessica, Jocelin, and Nathan for being such great hosts/guides/lunch companions (it was fun getting to know all of you)! Thanks again to Mrs. Curbello and everyone for the great gifts. And a big thanks to the rest of the Three Rivers ISD students whom I crossed paths with today. I truly enjoyed my visit to your school!



Dec 8


The last day of my Northwest ISD was a busy one with my visit to Justin Elementary—home of the Jaguars! My last three shows of the week were just as much fun as the first! I enjoyed meeting as many of the Jaguars as I could. And hey…thanks for the origami X-wing, Connor!

I was in for a treat during lunch. I got to meet the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Ultimate Book Challenge teams. Not only did I get to watch them practice but I also got to answer some of their amazing questions. Thank you Mrs. Donoho for taking time out of your practice!

Thanks to Mrs. Coleman for having me out (sorry we didn’t get a picture together—just the group shot). Thanks to Mr. LeDeaux for help setting up. And a big thanks to all the Justin Jaguars! Hanging out with you was a great way for me to end the week!


Dec 7


Today I had a fun day at Schluter Elementary—home of the Spurs! I’m sensing a Northwest ISD theme here. I got to meet all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders in the library this time (one of my favorite places). Everyone had tons of great questions and I even received extra questions via email when I returned to my hotel. Those were some excellent questions, Mrs. LeFlore’s 2nd Grade class!

Thanks to Mrs. Pospisil for having me out. Thanks again to Mrs. Judy Bell of Bell’s Book Nest for selling my books (and sitting through three MORE presentations—she’ll be able to do my show pretty soon). But the biggest thanks goes to all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade Spurs! Keep reading, keep writing, and keep those thoughtful questions coming!



Dec 6


I crammed TWO school visits into today! This morning I visited Thompson Elementary home of the JTC Trailblazers! I performed two shows in front of two HUGE crowds. The Trailblazers were great and I signed a ton of books between shows.


After signing the last Trailblazer’s book, I raced over to Granger Elementary, home of the Wranglers! After lunch, I signed some books, gave a show, signed some more books, gave another show and signed even more books! By the end of the school day, most of the Wranglers left before I did.



Thanks to Mrs. Crocker and Mrs. Hammonds for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Nancy and Mrs. Shannon from Bell’s Book Nest for selling my books (see you tomorrow). And a big thanks to Trailblazers and Wranglers. You made for an exciting, albeit tiring, day!



Dec 5

I spent an exciting day with an enthusiastic group of kids: The Sendera Ranch Elementary Longhorns!

Not only was I surprised by how many young writers were in the audience, but I was also happy to see how many Wishbone fans were out there (I think we have Mrs. Jurgens to thank for that). I hope you can sniff out some more Wishbone episodes the same way Wishbone sniffs out a good book!

Thanks to Mrs. Jurgens for having me out, the great lunch, putting my book on your wall of fame, and for inviting me to Northwest ISD in the first place. Thanks to Coach Flores for the gym and help setting up. And the biggest thanks goes to the Longhorns themselves. I hope you enjoy my books, and I hope to read some of YOUR writing someday!


Dec 4


Today was the first day of my Northwest ISD tour and I soared with the Haslet Elementary Eagles! I was welcomed with my own parking space, welcome sign, a cool LEGO City…city, courtesy of the 1st graders, in honor of my LEGO City book: Build this City. Very cool!


In between shows, I signed bunches of books for the library AND many of the Eagles themselves!


Thanks to Mrs. Joseph for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Judy for selling my books. And a big thanks to all the Haslet Eagles. I could tell by your questions and enthusiasm that you had been learning about me all week. I think you know more about me than me!