Dec 19

I enjoyed a return visit to Brock Elementary in Burleson, TX! It was exciting to see the Tigers again and meet many new ones!

Just like my last visit, many of the students and teachers were dressed as his or her favorite literary character! That’s always fun to see! I’m the one in the middle…I came as the author.

I also got to floss dance with all of the 3rd graders for a special scavenger hunt. That was a first!

Thanks to Mrs. Bookwalter for inviting me back and for the great lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Severns for all the help. And thanks to all the talented Brock Tigers! It was fun revisiting your wonderful school!

Dec 10


Today I spent the entire day with the great young readers and writers at McNair Elementary, in Denton, TX!

I gave three presentations, signed some books for the library, AND gave a comic book workshop for the entire 4th grade!

Thanks Mrs. Heidrich for inviting me out and for lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Brushingham for all your help. Great seeing Landen again (whom I first met when I visited his old school, Wakefield Elementary). And the biggest thanks of all goes to all the great kids at McNair Elementary. I expect to read some cool comics from you someday (I’m looking at you, 4th grade)!