May 16

For my last school visit of the school year, I had the honor of returning to East Chambers Elementary in Winnie, TX!

The 4th and 5th graders missed my appearance almost a month ago, but I got to meet each and every one of them this time!

And… they each got a copy of my Night of the Dragons book. I signed 250 copies today!

After my presentation (and the books signings between), I gave a writing workshop to all the 3rd graders. I met them the last time I visited and now they’ll hopefully have a head start on their writing for next year!

Thanks to Mrs. Campbell for inviting me back and for lunch (we took your recommendation, Emily). And thanks to all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders I met today. I hope you enjoy my book and thanks for making my last author visit of the school year a special one!

May 10

My last stop in the Houston area for this school year had me at Carpenter Elementary in Deer Park, TX!

I performed three shows as part of Carpenter’s K-2 Fun Day and I signed shelves of books for several lucky students!

I also learned that I had signed a couple of books and then got to meet Wishbone fan, Mrs. Gamble!

While I was there, I learned that I was probably going to be the last author to perform in that library because Carpenter Elementary is moving into a brand new school next year. According to Mr. Evans, the new library is going to be amazing. He’s already taken a virtual tour!

Thanks to Mr. Evans and the PTA for inviting me out. And a big thanks goes to all the Carpenter Kinder, 1st, and 2nd graders who enjoyed my presentations. I hope you enjoy my books just as much!

May 9

Today I spent time with the Houser Hawks at Houser Elementary in Conroe, TX!

I performed for three giant audiences in the cafeteria and even signed some books for a few students who brought their own!

I forgot to tell the first group that my friend, Bob Trevino (who has been a big part of my show from the beginning), is actually from Conroe just like you. That’s right! And for those who asked about the other movies he’s worked on, check out his IMDB listing HERE!

Thanks to Mrs. Lee for inviting me and for lunch. And a big thanks goes to all the Houser Hawks for a fun, exciting day. I hope you enjoy your autographed bookmarks and be sure to plant them in a good book!

May 8

My last Houston area tour of the school year began with Horn Elementary—home of the Cubs!

I just spoke to the 1st and 2nd Graders this morning, but we had a rip-roaring time in the school gym!

Yeah, had to pose for this in the library!

Thanks to Mrs. Naranjo for inviting me out and thanks to all the Cubs for letting me hang out and be silly with them this morning!

After lunch I returned to Chambers Elementary, where I last visited the Chambers Chargers way back in 2012!

I had a great time meeting their 1st and 2nd Graders and even grabbed an inspirational shot of the library’s Justice League poster since I’m writing my first JL book right now!

While I was there, I signed more books for the library (I had already signed loads the last visit), and I heard that many of the Chargers already enjoyed reading them.

Thanks to Ms. Alvarez-Vazquez for inviting me back and thanks to the Chargers for making me feel right at home once again!

May 4

Today I had the honor of spending May 4th at the Little Elm Public Library, speaking at their 2019 Lib Con!

I gave a comic book writing workshop, saw some cool costumed characters, and even met some Boy Scouts fresh off an Eagle Scout project!

I also signed some books for a few lucky drawing winners and got to talk with a few aspiring writers after my presentation. It was great meeting everyone!

Thanks to Cherie for inviting me! It was fun getting to know you, Lynette, and Jenna. And thanks to everyone who came out to Little Elm Public Library’s 2019 Lib Con. I hope you had as much fun as I did!