Nov 9

Today I returned to Santos Livas Elementary, in Pharr, TX, to help honor their Emergency Response Team for not only the amazing work they do, but also because of how they helped me a few years ago and allowed me to continue visiting schools all over the country!

When I returned to the library, I was surprised by a large gathering of the school district staff including Superintendent Arredondo and Director of Library Services, Nora Galvan. But most importantly, I got to see Ms. Ramos again, the Santos Livas school nurse who saved my life. I’m so grateful that I even wrote her into one of my Tom Swift books.

I signed a few books for everyone, but I also got to meet another person Ms. Ramos helped—Mr. Gonzalez!

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome back! Thanks again to Ms. Ramos and to Mrs. Galvan for all the help during my last visit. I can’t wait to come back so I can finally finish my tour of all the Pharr schools!