Nov 28

Today I spent the morning with the 3rd and 4th graders at Central Elementary in Mabank, TX!

I had a great time talking writing and special effects in movies, and the 3rd graders made some great animal noises (on cue, not just on their own). And they even taught me a few new ones!

I even got to see some old friends who had seen me before in Rockwell ISD during the great freeze last year. It was great seeing you again, Sophia and Tommy!

Thanks to Mrs. Popham for inviting me. And thanks to all the wonderful 3rd and 4th graders who made for a fun time in Mabank, TX!

Nov 10

Today I visited Centerville Elementary in Centerville, TX! And it was a good thing I wore my hat, since today was their weekly Hat Day to help raise money for nearby rescue shelter: Rufus Refuge!

I performed two shows in the cafeteria, one show in the library, and visited all the Kinder and 1st grade classes!

I signed a bunch of books for all the talented and polite students and even got to discuss some Godzilla with artist and the local Godzilla expert, Luke!

Thanks to everyone who asked great questions, brought books to sign, and made terrific giraffe noises!

And thanks to Addi, Addi Jo, Chloe, Liberty, Savannah, and the rest of the library helpers who helped make the day easier and more fun!

And thanks to Mrs. Payne for having me out and being a wonderful host. I hope everyone enjoys the books and don’t forget to keep those questions coming!