May 17


I spent the afternoon revisiting Lakeview Elementary in Sugar Land, Texas — home of the Vikings! Last year, I was fortunate enough to perform for all the students who received the Texas Readers Club Award. I did the same this year but they had to move my appearances to the gym since there were way more winners this year. Great job, guys!
I had a fun afternoon with my repeat visit and truly enjoyed seeing the old school building again (built in the ’40s). I went to an old elementary school so it had all the sights, smells, and fixtures like the ones I remember. I hope the Vikings remember that I was in elementary school when I was first inspired to come up with cool stories. So I hope your school brings you just as much inspiration!
Thanks to Mrs. Austin for inviting me back and a big thanks to the Lakeview Elementary Vikings I saw today for being such big readers. I hope you all took something important away from my talks (especially the four I spoke with after the second show).


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