May 30


This week finds me in sunny Florida where I spent the morning at Eagle Ridge Elementary in Coral Springs, Florida! I took to their big stage and gave two presentations to all their 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show and they had tons of questions about my time in special effects and my friend Bob Trevino (whom I mention in the show). When I got back to the hotel, I called Bob and told him about the warm reception I had received in Florida and he reminded me that he worked on a couple of movies in the area. In fact, we still have some friends working in Coral Springs on the TV show, Burn Notice! I hope some of you Eagle Ridge kids read this since I didn’t get a chance to mention it at the show.
Thanks to Mr. Cooper and Mrs. Rardin for all the help setting up. And thanks to Mrs. Makovsky and the PTA for inviting me (you Eagle Ridge guys should thank them, too.) I even got my picture taken with Mrs. Makovsky’s son, Devin. And, most of all, a big thanks to bright the young students at Eagle Ridge Elementary!

Since I was only there for the morning, I spent the afternoon hiking. I hiked all the way to Markham Park and beyond. I would have gone further but I was halted the Everglades. Okay, not THE Everglades but SOME everglades—The Everglades Wildlife Management Area Conservation Area Number 2B, to be annoyingly precise. I didn’t see any alligators (unfortunately) but I did see a manatee natural habitat—well, just a sign saying there was a habitat right there—and I didn’t see any manatees either. Oh, well… maybe next time!


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