May 31


I spent my last day in Florida visiting the fantastic students of Embassy Creek Elementary in Cooper City, Florida. When I arrived I felt right at home not only because everyone was so welcoming but also because the school was almost identical to the one I had visited the day before. I took the near-identical big stage and put on my first show to some crazy characters in the 5th grade. It turns out that my visit coincided with their “twin day.” You see, during the last week of school, the 5th graders get to dress up differently each day. It’s too bad I didn’t show up on “tourist day” (another one of their themes) or I would’ve blended right in.
After all of my performances, I enjoyed a pizza party with the special winners of the writing contest. Out of more than 80 entries, the winners were: Abigail, Ariel, Arman, Guy, Ian, Jessica, Julia, Kamdyn, Kayla, Maha, Michelle, Mikaela, Robin, Ryan, Shea, Tal, Tegan, Walter, and Yadin. Great job, everyone!
I’d like to thank Mrs. Nollin for all of her hard work setting up my visit and the PTA for having me out. I’d also like to thank Mrs. Leone and Mrs. Elias for all their wonderful help. Thanks to Sasheen for being my guide in the morning and a super-big thanks to all the great kids at Embassy Creek Elementary! Keep writing those wonderful stories!


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