Dec 6


The first thing I noticed when I visited Glen Loch Elementary were all the alligator footprints across the parking lot. I knew then that I was in gator country–the Glen Loch Gators! This would be my last school visit of the year and I really ended on a high note. The kids were excited, the faculty was welcoming, and the dragon roars were deafening (maybe I should have added an alligator to my farm song). Along with my presentations, I had the opportunity to hold a writing workshop with the entire 4th grade! After it was finished, I had the sneaking suspicion that I might have met several future novelists!
Thanks to Mrs. Gladstone and the Glen Loch PTO for inviting me to visit your cool school. I would especially like to thank all the Glen Loch Gators for such a great day. Keep reading and keep an eye out for some of my signed books. Not only did Mrs. Gladstone get some for your school library but I heard she also nabbed some for prizes for some lucky and hard-working students. Good luck, everyone!


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