Sep 30

iPhone app screen shot cover

I’m announcing the launch of the official Clown Commandos comic book apps! Created with my good friend, Scott McFadden, we’ve been working on this project for years and have finally found a cool medium on which to tell the CC saga!

The story is about a squad of heroes from an alternate universe where clowns evolved into elite soldiers. They become trapped in our world and must survive in a reality where no one takes them seriously.

There are many comic book apps out there but ours are some of the very few written specifically for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. We’ve also set ourselves apart by creating one of the first comics (if not THE first) to add interactive sound effects! You know those “BAMS!” you see in comics? Well, now you can hear the BAM with a tap of your finger!
iPhone app screen shot
You can find our apps in the iTunes store here.

To learn more about Clown Commandos, visit the official website:

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