Feb 8

After my morning shows and lunch, Mrs. Coffield drove me over to Duncan Elementary (also on base) and home of the Duncan Dragons! They were very excited to see me and I haven’t enjoyed such an energetic group of students in a long time—both shows!
All the students were set up in chairs in the cafeteria, with a big center aisle for me to run down and generally be silly. The kids had so many great questions that I wish I could’ve answered them all. But like I said, if I didn’t get to you, have your parents help you email me any question you like!
Thanks to Mrs. Barr for the warm welcome (and for the ride back to the gate), thanks to Mr. Cooper for helping with all the technical support, setting up for my show, and a big thanks to all the boisterous Duncan Dragon. You really know how to make that dragon roar!

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