Mar 4

Today was exciting, jam-packed day at Beachside Montessori Village in Hollywood, Florida! When I first arrived, I was fortunate enough to have breakfast with all the great teachers. Then I met Mrs. Griffith’s TV crew and was featured in a short segment on the school’s morning TV show.
I got to do a couple of presentations and everyone was extremely energetic. I even held some writing workshops with several grade levels–the winners of a contest where the students had to write letters explaining why they wanted to meet me and what they wanted to learn about writing. I got to eat lunch with different students who wrote similar letters. What a great way to really get to know the future writers of BMV!
Thanks to Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Rodriguez for all the help throughout the day. Thanks to Mrs. Wyda for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Gray’s class for all the wonderful thank you letters. And a super big thanks to all the students at BMV! You made my latest Florida trip one to remember!

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