Rasor Elementary

I ended this week’s trilogy of North Texas schools at Rasor Elementary in Plano, TX! They’re in the middle of renovations so I couldn’t perform in the library (the jackhammer was booming). Luckily, Mrs. Pickles (yes, that’s her real name), the music teacher switched with me and let me use her classroom. Sorry you had to deal with the jackhammer, Mrs. P! Otherwise, I had a great time with everyone. Many of the students were dressed as pirates for teacher appreciation week—where teachers are the treasure!
Thanks again to Mrs. Pickles for the use of her room. Thanks to Mrs. Battista and the Rasor PTA for inviting me. And a big thanks to all the students at Rasor Elementary. From some of their questions, I just know that I met a bunch of future writers during my visit!

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