May 22

Today I visited my last school of the school year … Meadows Elementary in Fort Hood, TX. Even though the troops had been training with large artillery all night long (the hotel window literally shook with every blast), I was up early and drove onto the base to meet some very enthusiastic students. I performed three shows in their huge school library and since the mic was on the fritz, my voice was almost gone by the last show. Luckily, I still had enough juice left to show everyone that illusive giraffe sound. Catch a show next year to hear what that sounds like!
Thanks to Mrs. Tedford for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Leech for all her help and for being such a gracious host. Thanks to Mrs. Burr for her help reigning in a few of the rowdy ones. And a big thanks to all the kids at Meadows Elementary.
And thanks for writing, Kaylee!

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