Jan 30

My third day had me at Mount Carbon Elementary in Littleton–home of the Mount Carbon Miners! After meeting several of the students, and a couple of shows in the school library, I found that many of the Miners enjoy “digging into a good book,” as Wishbone often says.
One unusual thing stands out about this visit. After my last show with the 5th and 6th graders (who all made wonderful animal sounds for my song) I met a student named Allie, who could make the sound of a dolphin. I’ve met kids who could do the squeaky Flipper voice but Allie could do the clicks perfectly. It was crazy-weird but quite amazing. I heard later that she wants to be a marine biologist. Sounds about right. She already speaks the language. Go for it, Allie!
A ginormous thanks to Mrs. Simpson for inviting me out and helping get the word out to all the other schools I’m visiting these two weeks. Thanks to Mrs. Carney for pointing me to some nearby hiking trails (I went there right after school and only slipped on the snow, once). And a special thanks to all the great students at MCE!

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