Feb 3

After a fun Colorado weekend, today I visited Kendallvue Elementary in Morrison. I enjoyed giving three presentations in the library (one show was cozy but we made it work, didn’t we?). I met several students including Niqua, who told me that today was his birthday. I let him know that not only had I had a birthday the day before but also it was my nephew, Jack’s birthday. So, again, happy birthday, Niqua. I also met Kacie who gave me a spot on horse whinny. I could tell by her outfit that she was a cowgirl (a little Streets of Laredo nod) and, it turns out, she indeed loves horseback riding–just like me!
Thanks to Mrs. Cox and the Kendallvue PTA for having me out. Thanks to Karyssa for bringing lunch and our fun French talk (not speaking French, mind you, just discussing our visits to France). And a special thanks to all the great students at Kendallvue Elementary. Like I told your wonderful librarian, Mrs. Cox, if you’d like to check out what I did over the weekend, be sure to check out my Facebook Author Page.

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