Feb 4

After a tasty lunch at Parmalee (thanks again, Mrs. Stylianou), I drove back down the mountain and made my way to Peiffer Elementary in Littleton. I had a great time with all the energized students (and young writers) and even signed some books for some of the kids. I even signed one of my old Yu-Gi-Oh books. The book was pretty beat up because its owner had read it over 45 times! He even had his strongest card deck on him–talk about a fan! And if the afternoon wasn’t good enough, just before I left, I was given a tasty cupcake from Maggie–it was her birthday today! I thanked her and let her know that it was my birthday on Sunday and I finally got my own birthday cake while I was in Colorado!
Thanks to Mrs. Shellhart and the Peiffer PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mr. Strott for the last minute tech support. Thanks again to Maggie for the birthday cupcake. And a big thanks to all the Peiffer Elementary students. Stay warm, keep reading, and keep writing!

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