Feb 19

Today I was greeted with a warm welcome on the sign at Bell Manor Elementary in Bedford, TX! I had a fun time meeting all the Bell Manor Bobcats and gave two jam-packed shows in the school gym. After each show, I signed a bunch of books and special bookmarks for many of the Bobcats and got to answer more questions; these kids were overflowing with great questions!
Mrs. Fisher’s 3rd grade class won the prize of having a lunch-with-the-author pizza party and I got to attend, too because … I was the author. I enjoyed spending time with everyone and I hope each of you enjoy your signed bookmarks. Great to meet you: Cabrina, Chas, Hamnah, Yousu, Silao, Lauren, Jeremiah, Demetrius, Ja’vaya, Destiny, Laela, Ayden, Oman, Geniveve, Daylin, Jessica, Junior, Aymann, Kyla, Lamya, Kevin, Taylor, and Dakota.
After lunch I gave a writing workshop to the entire 4th grade. More great questions all around! And afterward, Mrs. Boyd’s class stuck around to sneak a group picture.
Here’s a welcome sign made by every one of the 1st graders. Thanks, guys!
Thanks to Mr. Huber for all the technical help setting up. Thanks to Mrs. George for the use of her library for the writing workshop. Thanks to Mrs. Rush, Mrs. Skjolsvik, Mrs. Love, and the rest of the Bell Manor PTA for inviting me and for the great gift bag. And a big thanks to all the Bell Manor Bobcats. As you can see, when I got home, I wasn’t about to let Norman the donkey wear my new Bobcats T-shirt.

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