Oct 22

The last stop of my short tour took me Eastward, over to Mize Attendance Center in Mize, MS! I was on the big stage this time and had the unique opportunity to perform for 2nd graders all the way up to 8th graders. All grades were very polite and were full of fun questions. I even had one boy ask who was my favorite superhero. It’s always cool to see when, after I give my answer (Batman), most of the boys in the audience raise their hands triumphantly and high-five each other. It’s true, I’m more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy.
Thanks to Mr. Jones for inviting me (I enjoyed talking bees and blueberries between shows). Thanks to Mrs. Adams for taking pictures and to Mrs. White for all the help. And a big thanks to the wonderful students at Mize Attendance Center. You were the perfect end to my first Mississippi tour!

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