Mar 5

My first visit to Iowa welcomed me with a brisk morning temp of 1º. After a scenic drive (seeing deer and bald eagles), I stopped at Montezuma Elementary! I enjoyed two shows with the energetic students and discovered that they had participated in a walk-a-thon last year. Turns out, they do it almost every year to raise money for school visits like mine. Thanks for all those steps, Montezuma Elementary!
Thanks to Mrs. Moretz and Mrs. DeJong for inviting me, for all the help, and for lunch. And thanks again to all the walking Montezuma students. If you walked far enough to get me there from Texas, than I guess a little cold weather is nothing to sneeze at, so to speak.
After another scenic drive (snow-covered fields, barns, and silos), I ended up at English Valleys Elementary—home of the Bears! Once set up, I was lucky enough to perform in front of the entire school in their gym. All the students were great and I should’ve known that anyone with a bear as a mascot would be superb at making dragon roars. My ears are still ringing!
Thanks to Mrs. Van Dee and Mrs. Andreassen for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Van Dee for all the help and for taking pictures. And a big thanks to all the English Valleys Bears! You were a great way to end my first trip to Iowa!

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