Mar 13

Today I enjoyed a return visit to Hobart Elementary in Shirley, NY. Lucky for me, I showed up on the perfect day—Crazy Hat Day! Most of the Hobart students wore all kinds of crazy (and maybe a bit silly) hats. My hat wan’t so crazy but I had plenty of crazier ones to show during my presentation.
I performed for the kids who missed me last year and I gave two writing workshops. One for writing comic books and my standard general writing workshop. In the comic book workshop, I had a great time with: Aiden, Alexander, Alyssa, Andy, Derek, Devin, Emily, Jasmine, Jason, Jonathan, Julia, Kayshaun, MaKenna, Matthew, Nick, Paige, Sofia, and Tayquan. And nice art, Alyssa, Jasmine, and Sofia!
For the writing workshop, thanks to: Aleeza, Amun, Brian, Britney, Cavelle, Ciara, Crown, Emily, Emma, Gabriella, Hayden, Hector, Jacqueline, James, Jayden, Jeff, Jennesa, Jeremy, Julia, Juliana, Juliana, Kimberlyn, Krystianna, Mateo, McKenzie, Melanie, Owen, Rachel, Ronald, Sydney, Tara, Wally, Yulis. Thanks to Emma for starring in our short story.
Thanks again to Mr. Bretton for inviting me (and for lunch). Thanks again to Mrs. Demmers for the use of her library and for all the help setting up. And thanks to all the young writers and illustrators at Hobart Elementary. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work someday!

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