Apr 24

My last two Shreveport visits for the school year started me at Pine Grove Elementary—home of the Elves! I had a nice breakfast with several Pine Groves students, signed a bunch of books, and gave two performances in front of lively audiences.
But this morning was unique because as the kids were filing in, Principal Henderson kicked out the jams, the kids all clapped to the beat, and the teachers danced. It was a great way to end the week when I got to see a show!
Thanks to Mrs. Bridges for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Bridges and Mrs. Henderson for the lovely breakfast with Albert, Ariah, Carlyn, Jasmine, Kamille, Lakhia, Leroyaka, Loyal, Marquita, Mekayla, Torrence, and Xavien. Thanks to Mrs. Ester for creating the awesome welcome banner. And thanks again to Mrs. Henderson for the last minute mic stand save. And a big thanks to all the Pine Groves Elementary students. I had a fun morning kickin’ it with the Elves!
After the excitement at Pine Grove, Mrs. Nitz and I drove over to my last school of the week, Riverside Elementary—home of the Rams! We had a nice lunch with the superintendent himself, Dr. Goree, and then I gave two more performances and signed a bunch more books—all in front of giant-sized covers my own books. Very cool!
Thanks to Mrs. Cryer for having me out, for the great lunch, and for the welcoming decorations. And a big thanks to all the great students at Riverside Elementary. All of your Rams made it a great way to end a week of Shreveport school visits and I hope to see you all at ArtBreak tomorrow!

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