Apr 25

I completed my exciting ArtBreak week in Shreveport by joining in the festivities on Saturday at the convention center. It was a great place to meet tons of young artists, musicians, and writers from all over Caddo Parish Public Schools and Bossier Parish Public Schools!
I began the morning with another writing workshop breakfast but this time at the Shreve Memorial Library. I saw some familiar faces and met many new young writers. I hope some of my writing tips not only help improve your work but also inspire you to write the story that’s been dying to get out. Remember what I said: if you’re writing … then you’re a writer!
After the workshop, I gave a brief presentation and then was fortunate to help hand out awards to many young readers, writers, and library helpers being honored that day. It was great meeting all of them and shaking their hands. Well done, everyone!
From there, I rushed over to the book fair booth so I could sign books for a long line of readers of all ages. It was a joy meeting so many of you, getting to speak with you briefly, and to have our picture taken together. What a fun way to end the week!
I want to thank Jennifer Nitz for driving me all over Shreveport all week, for dragging my gear bag through many campuses, and for sitting through my presentation countless times. She heard my show so often, that I wasn’t worried if I lost my voice; she could probably recite my show for me. Thanks so very much!
I also want to thank Cathy Smith for inviting me, organizing and arranging all my school visits, and for helping to make reading and writing a big part of ArtBreak 2015! I didn’t see as much of Cathy since she spent the entire week working tirelessly at the convention center. Thanks again for all your hard work. I know that all the students and parents thank you, too!
I also want to thank all the wonderful Caddo Parish Librarians! They were all amazing with their generous hospitality, entertaining stories, and educational discussions. I know that all the Caddo Kids are in great hands. Each and every one of my dinner and lunch companions made for a memorable week of school visits that’s going to be hard to beat! Thanks again for a truly amazing week!

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