Mar 16

Day two of my Crandall cruise had me at Wilson Elementary! When I entered the school, (before I was greeted by hundreds of happy students) I was greeted with all kinds of cool Star Wars decorations…throughout the entire school! Anyone who has seen my show knows that I’m a big fan. It turns out that the decorations were there as encouragements for the upcoming STAAR test. So, they were STAAR WARS decorations, as it were. Very cool!
I had another set of three fun shows and another delicious pot luck lunch with the staff. The kids were excited and the staff was welcoming—a great day two!
Thanks again to Mrs. Dye for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Blunt, Mr. Bowie, and Mrs. Perkins for all the help. Thanks to everyone who brought food for another tasty lunch. And a big thanks to all the Wilson Elementary students themselves. Thanks for the fun day and good luck on your STAAR tests. You’re going to do great!

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