Mar 17

Today I spent St. Patrick’s day at Walker Elementary—the last stop on my Crandall ISD tour! With my many flame shirts, I might have seemed out of luck when it came to showing up in proper attire. Luckily, I had a green flame shirt ready to go! Referring to my own memories of elementary school, I wasn’t taking any chances going to school without wearing green.
I had a fun time performing three more shows and again was delighted by the amount of young writers in attendance. I even met a young writer who had written (and illustrated) THREE books during the previous week of spring break. Great job James Charles!
Thanks and happy St. Patrick’s day to all the great students at Walker Elementary! Thanks to Coach Story, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Roberson, Mrs. Silvey, and Mrs. Gonzales for all the help. And one more big thanks to Mrs. Dye for having me out (and for sitting through all nine of my shows). If any student in any of the Crandall schools was absent during one of my visits, just ask Mrs. Dye about it. I bet she has my show memorized by now!

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