Apr 20

My first ever school visit in Kentucky was this morning at East Heights Elementary in Henderson, KY—home of the Hawks! I was welcomed by gigantic LEGO decorations as soon as I walked in the door. But that wasn’t all. Before each of my two presentations, I got a show!
Each class performed a skit giving me clues for the game “Which Book Did They Read?”. I only got most of them right (what can I say, I’ve written over a hundred books and I forgot some of the titles). This was the first time I got a show and it was very entertaining!
For lunch, Mrs. Herron and I zipped over to Niagara Elementary—home of the Wildcats—where we had lunch with the winners of the school-wide contest where students could draw, sculpt, and build art pieces inspired by my books. There were some creative works of art out there. Congratulations again and it was great having lunch with you: Adrianna, Allie, Alyssa, Blaze, Carter, Emma, Ethan, Lafe, Lilly, Maria, Marissa, Molly, Payton, Rayna, Sophie, Tucker, and Wyatt!
After my two shows at Niagara, I got to tour some of the rest of the Wildcats’ art, including a creative LEGO collage project. Great job, everyone!
Thanks to Mrs. Buley for having me out to East Heights and to Mrs. Rone for having me out at Niagara. Thanks to the East Heights front office staff for the cool LEGO hallway decoration. Thanks to Mrs. Herron for driving me and for taking all the great photos.Thanks to Mrs. Swanson for inviting me to the district and for dinner. And a big thanks to all the East Heights Hawks and Niagara Wildcats for making my first day in Kentucky an enjoyable one!
[UPDATE] I’d also like to thank the East Heights 2nd graders for all the creative thank you cards. What a wonderful surprise!

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