Oct 12

Today I got to spend the day with the great kids at Oak Hill Academy in Dallas, TX for their Literacy Live event! It’s a good thing I wore one of my dragon shirts since their mascot is a dragon—and boy could they roar!
I enjoyed two presentations in their cool, nautical-themed library (hence the boat in the middle of the room with the dragon masthead) and I saw that my books were on display in the pirate treasure box!
My books weren’t the only ones on display! I got to look over the middle schooler’s books on display in the front entrance. Oak Hill Academy is full of young authors!
I had a tour of the school and then gave a final performance to all the middle and high schoolers. Everyone had great questions and it was fun meeting them after the show!
Thanks to Mrs. Wachel for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Urban for the gifts and all the help. But most of all, a big thanks goes to all the Oak Hill Dragons themselves. I hope you had as much fun today as I did!

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