Feb 7

Today I visited two fun schools in one day! This morning I had the pleasure of meeting all the great kids at Emeline Carpenter Elementary. It was picture day so I wasn’t the only one dressed up!

I performed two shows in the gym where Mrs. Cassie and Ms. Ella signed along during my shows. I talk fast so I hope they weren’t too worn out afterward.

After my presentations it was off to the library to sign a bunch more Night of the Dragons books. I hope everyone enjoys them!

After lunch, I zipped over to Nettie Marshall Academy of Dual Language where they were celebrating their 100th day of school. I performed in the gym and then over on the main stage in the cafeteria. Before both shows, two students, Jiletsi and Izaiden were brave enough to give my introduction in front of the entire school!

Thanks to Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Flores for having me out. Thanks again to Mrs. Taylor for setting everything up (great to finally meet you after all the emailing). Thanks to Coach Chatman and Mr. K (sounds like the name of a funk band from the 70s) for all the technical support. Thanks again to Mrs. Cassie and Ms. Ella for translating. Thanks again to Jiletsi and Izaiden for the introductions (you did great!). And the biggest thanks of all goes to all the wonderful students at Carpenter and Nettie Marshall. Have fun at your upcoming book fairs and pick up some more brain food—you know, books!



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