Feb 8

Today I enjoyed a great time at Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary (AKA BQJ)! I gave two performances in front of the big screen in the cafeteria with two enthusiastic crowds. After one of the shows, I even got to browse a couple of stories from one of the young BQJ writers. They were “Zombie in the Closet” and “Hippo on the Airplane.” Creative stuff. Keep writing, Kennedi!

After signing bunches of books, I had a pizza party with the winners and honorable mentions of the drawing contest. Some talented work decorated the library, and I hear that they will soon come up with stories do go with those drawings! Great job: Alicia, Chloe, Davion, Dillon, Eduardo, Isabelle, Jennifer, Kelsy, Kiran, Raven, and Ximena!

Before I performed my last show in the library, I was interviewed on-camera by KETK. It’s a good thing the interview snuck up on me so I didn’t have a chance to be anxious. Oddly enough, I can make pig oinks (with the face to match) in front of hundreds of students but interviews make me nervous.

Thanks to Mrs. Sanders for having me out. Thanks to Coach Jones for the technical support (and The Time reference). Thanks to Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Courtney for all the help (good luck with the guitar, Stephanie). And a big thanks to all the young readers and writers at BQJ! I hope someday to read some of those books, stories, and comic books I heard so much about!


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