Feb 10


My week-long visit of Nacogdoches ISD ended at Fredonia Elementary! I gave two performances and the Fredonia students were just like all the other kids I met all week: enthusiastic, courteous, and loaded with great questions!

After my last show, I met with some other students and had another book-signing. Great to meet you, everyone. I hope you enjoy my book!

Thanks to Mrs. Rameriz and Mrs. Ward for having me out (and for the wonderful gift bag). After driving home, I had a Fredonia email and Facebook message waiting for me. So thanks for writing, Abryee & Michael! And a big thanks to all the great kids at Fredonia Elementary! You were quite the grand finale for a fun week in Nacogdoches, Texas!

In fact, another thanks to ALL the students I met in Nacogdoches ISD. I hope you writers keep writing…you readers keep reading…and you ALL remember the FOUR WORDS!



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