Feb 15


Today I began a new Colorado tour in lovely Golden, Colorado–at Fairmount Elementary, home of the Firebirds! I arrived to see a cool welcome banner from the kids as well as a display showing many factoids about my life. Nice preparation!

I gave four presentations today and Mrs. Johnson gave out my bookmarks after every show. I expect some Firebirds will be firing questions at me through my website!

Between shows, I spent time signing copies of many books brought in by the students themselves. There were some of my earliest works in there, too. I hope everyone enjoys reading them!

For lunch, I enjoyed a pizza party with 14 students (2 from each grade) who had their names chosen in a drawing. We enjoyed a detailed discussion and I even got some questions I’ve never had before! Nice meeting you: Ashleigh, Cailyn, Charles, Ethan C., Ethan O., Ian, Jack, Jayden, Julia, Lucas, Nathan, Sebastian, Sterling, and Violet!

Thanks to Mrs. Johnson for having me out. Thanks to her again and to Ms. Suzie for the excellent student preparation and displays–way to go! Thanks to all of my lunch buddies for the enjoyable company and insightful questions. And a big thanks to ALL of the Fairmount Firebirds for getting my latest Colorado visit off to a roaring start!


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