Apr 6


Today I saw two schools in one over in Longview, Texas. I had a big time in the big auditorium with the Spring Hill Primary and the Spring Hill Intermediate Panthers! Between three fun shows, I signed several books for students and even some for both libraries!

This visit, I received a pleasant surprise when I was presented with a special Panther paw shirt, custom-made by Mrs. Holder of Spring Hill Primary. Of course, I had to take it for a test drive during my last show. Thanks for the thoughtful gift, Mrs. H!


Thanks to Mrs. Pleasant for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Pleasant for the fun lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Doron and Mr. Wildt for all the tech support. Thanks again to Mrs. Holder for the shirt and welcome banner. And a big thanks to all the Spring Hill Panthers! I hope you had as much fun as I did. And I hope you liked my new shirt!


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