Oct 5


Had a great time during my first author visit of the school year…at Brauchle Elementary in San Antonio, Texas! It’s pronounced, “broccoli” by the way, and they have a superhero theme going this year. That’s perfect since I’ve written so many superhero books (one of my favorite kinds) However, their slogan is, “You don’t have to be super to be a hero!” I’m not sure about about that; I met tons of super kids while I was there!
In between shows, I admired the bee smoker in their display case (representing how Mr. Brauchle–the school’s namesake–used to keep bees). Unfortunately, I forgot to tell the kids that when I worked in special effects, I used to use those bee smokers all the time to make outdoor smoke. Cool, huh?
Thanks to Mrs. Stanley for inviting me and to Mr. Felix for helping me set up. And a special thanks to all the Brauchle Cougars!

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