Dec 6


I crammed TWO school visits into today! This morning I visited Thompson Elementary home of the JTC Trailblazers! I performed two shows in front of two HUGE crowds. The Trailblazers were great and I signed a ton of books between shows.


After signing the last Trailblazer’s book, I raced over to Granger Elementary, home of the Wranglers! After lunch, I signed some books, gave a show, signed some more books, gave another show and signed even more books! By the end of the school day, most of the Wranglers left before I did.



Thanks to Mrs. Crocker and Mrs. Hammonds for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Nancy and Mrs. Shannon from Bell’s Book Nest for selling my books (see you tomorrow). And a big thanks to Trailblazers and Wranglers. You made for an exciting, albeit tiring, day!



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