Oct 13


I just returned from my very first author visit in the great state of Tennessee—at Oak Elementary in Bartlett!
It was a fun day all around. When I arrived, I enjoyed a huge breakfast with the faculty and staff. Then, as I performed my first three shows, I realized that the students had been going over videos, books, and my website before I arrived. They knew almost as much about me than I know about me!
I enjoyed a fine lunch with the Oak Elementary Library Crew (the kids lucky enough to work in the library) and I got to see all the winners of the special bookmark contest. Many of the students created bookmarks based on some of my books and there was a huge display with all the winners. Each of the lunch tables were decorated with the runners up and several of my books! I felt very welcomed and honored, indeed!
A HUGE thanks goes to Tammy Phillips for inviting me and organizing one of the best author visits ever! I’d also like to thank all the parents, teachers, and PTA members who worked so hard helping throughout the day. And, last but not least, I want to thank all the great kids at Oak Elementary. Keep reading, keep writing, and remember the four words!

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